Black 76 compressor from IK Multimedia

I am so loving the new T-Racks CS “singles units”.

Why? Easy, because I have better sounding drums and bass. That is right. Check out the video, just for proof, but also for fun.

I am in love with the Black76. I know you have seen countless versions of the famous compressor, but I did not have one. I knew what it was capable of, but I waited until IK Multimedia released one before I got one of my own. We are talking about brand loyalty here, and I am proud to say it. I love T-Racks from IK Multimedia!

tracks3 black76

I rave about IK Multimedia T-Racks plugins for a reason. They are all awesome! I use IK Multimedia T-Racks plugins on all sorts of audio tracks and all kinds of duties, as I mix and master.

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