EQ73 and EQ81 from IK Multimedia demo

The 73 and 81 EQ’s from IK Multimedia

Let me start off by letting you know where it is that I stand on IK Multimedia and the whole T-Racks plug in suite. I absolutely would have a very hard time living life as a recording, mixing, and mastering geek without them. I love Amplitube products. I use the T-Racks mixing and mastering plugins every single time that I record, mix, or master. If you want the best of the best, check out T-Racks from IK Multimedia. Now that you know where I stand, lets take a peek at two new EQ models that are now inside the T-Racks family.



T-Racks can be used as a stand alone plug in for mastering songs or complete albums. However, you can also use these amazing plugins in your DAW of choice. This makes them very desirable. Add to this fact that the plugins found within T-Racks can be used “straight ahead”, as mono or stereo effect, or as a “Mid/Side” application. This is massive, and opens many doors. I use them both ways, but the whole “Mid/side” processing thing is very much over my skill level most of the time. I try…..

These two EQ’s that I am reviewing today are modeled after “EQ sections”, taken from two very popular mixing consoles. You can learn all about those consoles, fairly easily with a couple of Google searches. I just want to put some audio through these EQ’s, and show you what I like and what they can do for your mixes. The two EQ’s are the EQ73 and the EQ81.

Please do me a couple of favors. First, download your free “Acoustic treatment made easy” EBook from my Website page. It is free, and loaded with great information. Next, head over to IK Multimedia and become more familiar with the amazing selection of great T-Racks plugins that they have available. You can purchase (links will take you over to reviews that I have posted) De-essers, compressors, channel strips, EQ’s, Reverbs, and so much more. I stand behind their work, and I love each and every thing that IK Multimedia has done. That company makes on tools for musicians. In fact, their motto is “Musicians first!” What is not to love?

I trust IK Multimedia and their vast array of products. They have help change the way albums are made. Their products can be found on countless hit records. What are you waiting for? Download Tracks and get started today!

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